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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The supplication of the Two Idols of Quraysh

Look at the unbelievable supplication they have made, called "The supplication of the Two Idols of Quraysh", by two idols of the Qurayish, they mean Abu bakr and Umar radi allahu anhum. But yet, wenn you ask them, they will tell you they don´t make takfir on the Companions. Well WHAT IS THIS I ASK?

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The Translation:

"O' Allah, sal ala Muhamed wa ala aal Muhamed and curse the two idols of Quraysh (Abu Bakr and Omar), its (Quraysh's) two sorcerers, its two tyrants, its two liars, and their two daughters (Aysha and Hafsah) who (Abu Bakr and Omar) disagreed with your order, denied your revelation, rejected your goodness, disobeyed your messenger, altered your religion, tampered (harafa) with your Book (Al-Quran), loved your enemy, rejected your lovers, suspended your verdicts, invalidated your orders, did not believe in your proves, antagonized your lovers, patronized your foes, ruined your country, and corrupted your slaves, O' Allah curse them both, their followers, their lovers, their people, their adherents, their partisans, their disciples ............."

That was the Supplication of the Two idols of Quraysh, who the shia bestowed a great importance on it and the shia scholars consider it as a valid supplication. The shia scholars who mentioned that supplication in their books are many, they are not limited to the following, but just as an example: Al-Kaf'ami, Al-Kashani, Al-Nouri Al-Tubrisi, Asadallah Al-Haeiri, Murtada Hussain, Mandhoor Hussain, Al-Karkey, Al-damad Al-Hussaini, Al-Majlisi, Al-Tasaturi, Abu Al-Hassan Al-Amily, Abdullah Shubbar, Al-Haeiri, Mirza Habeeballah and many many more. They are all Ayatuallah, who has the highest rank in shia clergy.

Also their Imam Khomeini approved it. In a book called Tuhfat Al-Owam Maqbool, the following scholars agreed on the authenticity of the supplication:

1. Ayatulallah Sayyed Muhsin Hakeem Al-Tabtiba'ei

2. Ayatulallah Sayyed Abu Al-Qasim Al-Kho'ei

3. Ayatulallah Sayyed Rouhallah Khomenie

4. Ayatulallah Sayyed Mahmoud Al-Shamroudi

5. Ayatulallah Sayyed Muhamed Kazim Shari'atmdar

6. Ayatulallah Sayyed Ali Al-Naqi Al-Naqari

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