There is no Unity with the Shee´aa

As-Salaamu´alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, the purpose of this site is to expose the creed of the Shee´aa to the masses. With proofs from their own books, pictures, videos and audios, the listeners and viewers can make up their own mind. Shee´aa claim not to be very different from Sunnis, but fact is, Sunnis don´t practice or believe any of these things, that you are about to see and hear. *Warning, Graphic material included*

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Shiaa scholar uses no Taqiyya and says when we say Nasibies we mean Sunnies.

Quotation from a book titled:
Al Mahaasin An-Nafsaaniya Fee Ajwibatul Masa-il Al Khurasaaniyya

Authored by: Ash-shaikh Hussain Al Usfoor Addurraazi Al Bahraini
Published by: Dar Al Mashriq Al Arabi Al Kabeer Beirut

Translated by: Muhammad Al-Madany

He says, in three different places..

"..And there is no question about the term Nasibies being standing for those who are following the Sunna"

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